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Let me first start off with, I’m so sorry for my lack of posting. I’ve had a lot of personal stuff come up, as well as trying to kick start another job opportunity. I’m trying to get my schedule put together for all my postings on all social platforms. Be sure to follow my Instagram along with linking my facebook page, to stay up to date in between post.

While I was away, we’ve had a few updates.

First: New Jen Atkin X C&I pieces


Second: New Bridal pieces



Third: New accessories and Beauty products 


Check out my boutique for more pieces.



Delanna Marie


Because of You Pop-Up!

All of the following were posted on my Facebook event, if you missed it. The link provided will be available till 3/17/17 at midnight EST.

**This is one of our 2 promos for the month.
Spend $125+ anytime during this pop-up (March 3rd-17th) and get 50%off any of the items shown in the picture. Most be all one order to be eligible for the offer.


**Here’s come of our wonderful Candi merchandisers wearing some of the jewelry you can get for 50% off when you spend $125+ during this pop-up


** Get $50 in candicash with every $125 in your orders.
*candicash can be used anytime during April.

*remember if you spend $125, you get 50% off certain items at checkout.
(Must be one order to get either of these promos. Both promos can be used together)

17103477_1798039080457270_6628052344353848069_n  17155934_1798461693748342_7015387493228368454_n


Remember you can check the event at anytime from now till the 17th to check out more of the post and earn raffle tickets.  Just click here to check it out.

Shop this pop-up here.

Make sure to like my facebook page to keep up to date daily. And to check out some bundles you can get to earn $50 in Candicash for April.


Delanna Roberts


Customer Appreciation Month

March is known as customer appreciation month, and because of that we have some wonderful promos starting tomorrow going on all month.

I have an online pop-up starting tomorrow on facebook, I would love for everyone to join. And have fun. We’ll be playing games so you can win raffle tickets. Remember if you’re doing the #marchismagical challenge and tagging #cijewlrydmr or #cisparkle, you automatically get a raffle ticket. If you don’t know what the challenge is look back at my last post, it’s not to late to join on the fun and earn that ticket that you deserve.

I’ll have a post that I’ll update all throughout the pop-up so those of you who don’t join the facebook event can still shop, play, and be appreciated for being the wonderful customer that you are.


DeLanna Roberts

Hello March

Happy Spring everyone!

It’s a new month and that means there’s new goals to pursue. And new possibilities to look for. And of course new challenges to take on.

I have a few business goals i would like to achieve this month, and with everyone’s help I’m sure I can achieve them. Not only do i have those goals, but I also have a few personal goals I would like to work on.

This month is all about goals, just like every month. See the thing is, take your big goals you want to achieve, and put them into smaller goals. So they’re easier to achieve, it’ll take you the same amount of time, but seem a little easier to get to the big goal.

My monthly challenge this month was shown to me by my lovely DMM, Freya.Who showed us the Gala Darling  monthly challenge, this month is #marchismagical. 17093220_1796833697244475_1494520353_o

If you would like to join in on the fun with instagram or facebook tag every photo with both #marchismagical and #cisparkle (or #cijewelrydmr). So Gala and her team can see them along with myself.

Be creative and have fun! (Adding C&I Jewelry to the picture will win you a raffle ticket in my upcoming Pop-Up)

Here’s todays picture:



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DeLanna Roberts